Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puzzle Piece

Just spent a few enjoyable hours making this exercise. "How DID the nut get on there?".

It's puzzle piece to which the photo doesn't do full justice. There's a no visible joins in the threaded piece: It looks seamless.

It's a nice exercise in lathe work with a number of tricky bits. The facing needs to be very good, threading interior sections is a generally a bitch to do, especially in stainless steel. And then finishing it all to the mirror polish (which you can somewhat see in the high fidelity reflection at the end).

I'm quite pleased with it because I pretty much got it right first time, it turned out well, and the polish came up far better than I was expecting. I keep underestimating how far the buffing wheel will cut.

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Dave said...

Michael, do you have an email address? I'm interested in getting some of those PCBs made for the DS2482-800 masters. Thanks.