Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Actual progress


I basically finished re-assembling the table mill. Starting to look like it can actually cut something!

The table went on very easily. There's a lot of socket screws involved, so I took an old allen key and cut the tail off with the grinder. (With a stupid moment along the way; I had assumed the key would be case hardened as it's a cheap key, so I ground off the surface and then put it against the metal bandsaw. Mistake. Now I think I need to fit a new blade to the bandsaw. Doh! Not a total disaster as the blade was pretty close to the end anyway but still annoying)

The resulting hardened hex bar fits into the cordless drill and making doing and undoing socket screws very fast and easy.

I still need to finish aligning the table (need to get the electronics back together for that). I also finished all the plywood sections for the dust box.

Next step is to cut to the perspex lid and side for it, and hinge them on. Cutting the perspex will be .. interesting. It's only 3mm thick, but I need to make a greater than 1.5 meter long cut.

I'm planning on using the circular saw for it. I'll need to ensure that the perspex is clamped well on both side of the cut. Not going to be easy as I'm running a cut up the middle of a 2.4 meter long sheet. I suspect it will be a matter of reducing the depth on the circular saw to a minimum, using backing plywood, and lots and lots of weight. Not sure how else I can usefully clamp it.

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