Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's nice to be home...

Being away with family in entertaining, but there's something very nice about being home.

Today I have:
  • Kicked off PicardTagger to fix up all the tags on my various MP3 files. Free hint: If you have 26,000 mp3 files, don't try and feed them all at once into Picard. Looks like there's at least some O(n log n) algorithms in there, if not O(n^2).
  • Much hacking with Eye-Fi. It nows properly with the main linux server.
  • Rebuild an N800 device as a video-player for Katie. This is notable hindsight: It would have been better to do this before the 4 hour plane flight... Firmware is upgraded, video transcoder tools are installed and running. I ordered a new 8G flash micro sd-card to hold the videos.
  • Start more actively hunting down a dehumidifier for the garage. I'm tired of fighting the rust battle on the milling machine and lathe; I'll cheat by just dropping the humidity. Right now, it's often in the 80% range which is deadly to precision iron. EBay sniper is fired up and ready!
  • Fixed the bluetooth download for D's phone. The script that auto-detected D's phone as being in range and then grabbing all the pictures on it via bluetooth was broken by the semi-recent OS upgrade (forgot to cover up a config file). Each fix, but I still need to add some monitoring for it.
  • Had a long chat with Andrew B about planes,rockets and software. He kindly brought over the paint needed for my glider, so that's a repair I'll kick off on friday.
  • Polished off PID software for SMD oven. I left the hill-climbing running while we were away, so now I have the PID constants tuned to better than 6 significant figures. (NOTE: This is a total waste of time! This was running against the simulator, not the real hardware. But it's still entertaining). I had intended to use it in anger today, but ran out of time. The boards for the 200W audio amplifier are on the bench, I just need to heat them.
  • Gone for a swim with the kids. The long days make it very pleasant to go swimming at circa 7pm at night. I'm still waiting for the relay PCB boards to arrive from but I have patience. Maybe. I hear Olimex calling my name.
  • Ordered the timing belts and pulleys for the mill CNC conversion. I'd decided that I'm just going to do it and the cost isn't that outragous. At least, not in comparison to some of the other things I've wasted money on over the years.
It's nice to be home. :)

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